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With an aim to furnish a foundational base in the Media and Event Management sector, we train students in all the essential skills and knowledge of this industry through a series of neatly-curated, industry-focused and comprehensive lectures coupled with on-ground training sessions. Crème de la crème of the industry and visiting faculty members conduct interactive sessions to prepare candidates for the booming media and entertainment sector. In our endeavour to provide sure-fire placements in the Event Management and Entertainment industry, faculty members keep abreast of current developments and ensure that the syllabus is in tandem with the ebbs and flows of the industry. Amalgamating the best of practical knowledge and experiences, the modules are standardised in such a way that students immensely benefit from the content, accessibility and exposure provided during the curriculum. The institute provides students a holistic, integrated and comprehensive media education that recognises the individual aspirations of students, encouraging them to contribute meaningfully in the sub-sectors they become a part of.


Dreamt up by young professionals in the year 2011, Indian School of Media was founded with a sole vision to empower youngsters who wish to build careers in the field of Media and Event Management. 

The Indian Media and Entertainment industry has gone through quite a metamorphosis over the past couple of years. The golden age of content and digital entertainment has necessitated the demand for skilled workforce. Pegged as the sunrise sector, the media and entertainment sector has been projected to grow at a rate of 12% between 2020 and 2022. With the requirement of over thirty lakh professionals during this period alone, India is on the cusp of a whole new renaissance; torchbearers of which are disproportionately going to rise from the M & E space. ISM aims to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry by providing the relevant vocational education, making candidates effective on the job from day one.

Over the past decade, ISM has produced over 2000 graduates and post graduates who have made their marks in the industry. The ISM alumni are some of the most successful and dynamic youngsters. With unparalleled support from the industry in the form of faculty, guest talks, mentorship, internships, and jobs, ISM has emerged as the cynosure of the training institutes and has added useful engines in the ecosystem over the past several years.


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Our Career Guidance

Our staff conducts one-on-one sessions directed at maximising the potential of students and identifying the exact area of interest from the broad marquee of the media sector. With an aim to provide a horizon-broadening experience, we target specific areas of interest and guide students in the skills that dovetail well with their profile. Moreover, our faculty members, who are media professionals themselves, recruit students directly from the campus after the completion of their courses.

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