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Life at ISM

The institute provides students a holistic, integrated and comprehensive media education that recognises their individual aspirations, encouraging them to contribute meaningfully in the sub-sectors they aim to be a part of. ISM is committed to provide a rich and favourable environment for excellence in the media sector across various disciplines.


We strive to prepare students for the fast-paced media industry in the most well-rounded and comprehensive manner through a holistic set of modules woven together by media professionals. Modules are aimed at equipping students with all the requisite tools and savoir-faire coupled with hands-on training sessions to groom them for the industry.

ISMites say

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Rashmi Barve


Director and Founder


Very early on, I had an inclination towards entrepreneurship but no concrete plan or specialised training as such. I had somewhere kept my long-standing dream alive through my business. I nurture it everyday and put in the same amount of blood, sweat and tears as I do at my workplace. Through ISM, I learnt the finer points of media and Event Management that continue to help me notch up our business strategies and improve our overall outlook. Courtesy of ISM, I can efficiently network, make educated decisions and ask the right questions; qualities which were perhaps absent in the times before. My training in various disciplines and internships have rendered me potent for all sorts of tasks and instilled a great deal of confidence in me as a person. Natasha Ma’am has become my inspiration in life.

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Aly Khan


                        Assistant Director

 Victor Tango Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Amidst a variety of enlightening lectures at ISM, I learnt a lot about the industry but the day I found my calling, I still remember, was when I had attended the lecture on Direction. ISM faculty member and Ace Director/Producer Vaibhav Modi, who went on to become my mentor, took me under his wings and that marked a career-defining time because later I joined his production house Victor Tango Entertainment PVT LTD in September 2018. I currently work as an in-house Assistant Director. Unlike most production houses, Victor Tango allows you to grow and learn and share ideas and lets you understand other departments in a production company. Vaibhav sir is a great mentor and boss to me. Here, I’ve learnt that even after planning the perfect schedule, you are sometimes challenged on set with so many obstacles. It’s in times like these that I learnt to have a plan and work together to achieve my goal. Now, a year later, that once clueless boy, has completed 3 projects with Victor Tango (2 fiction, 1 non-fiction) and is even more confident at what he does. I can't thank ISM enough for helping me realise my calling.

Devika Kawle.jpg

Devika Kawle


Manager - Content Syndication & Acquisition

Epic Channel

As said by Nelson Mandela," The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." This is exactly what Indian School of Media is all about. ISM is not just an educational institute; it's your best friend who holds your hand throughout your journey. ISM has been a time-turner for me. The immense interest that everyone at ISM shows in its student’s growth and success is amazing. But also, it is vital for all the students to keep in mind, “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself." Words are just not enough to describe 'NATASHA ARANHA' who shares a vision to enlighten the media and entertainment space with bright minds and any initiative coming from an angel like her, will always yield growth and success for anyone and everyone who is a part of her journey. ISM is not just "Indian School of Media”, It is "Inspiration for Successful Mentality"

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Parth Kaushik

Journalist/Content Writer


Having completed my graduation, my indecisive mind was on the horns of a dilemma about my career. From having faced the camera as a child to writing short stories and magazine articles, I had worked out that I was broadly interested in getting a firmer grasp over the craft of storytelling through various mediums yet I couldn’t quite arrive at one profession that suited me. I had enrolled for this PG course on a whim and perhaps for the silliest reason; the Hogwarts-like logo. Little did I know that my decision would mark the watershed moment of my life. ISM to me was a microcosm of human experience through which I realised my true potential. From learning how to lead groups to imbibing the art of putting my observations into words, my refinement and success as a journalist and more importantly as a person, is majorly attributable to my education at ISM. Indian School of Media turned out to be just as magical as Hogwarts.

Celeste Borthwick.jpg

 Celeste Borthwick

Senior Executive - Events and Operations


My Journey at Indian School Of Media was really great. I made a lot of friends and learned a lot. Through it all, I knew there were so many aspects and departments involved in Media and Event Management. I got a full-time job through ISM at BookMyShow, as a Senior Executive. BookMyShow is not just limited to a ticketing company, we do a lot more like conducting training sessions for the promoters and gaining overall knowledge of an event. With BookMyShow, I have worked on a lot of events since last year. I have worked on Sunburn Goa, T20 Cricket series, Avengers Station and a lot more and have learnt a lot and will still continue to..! I’m really happy to work here and I’m glad ISM was the start I needed for my successful career. Everyone at ISM was really helpful, especially the faculty who helped us understand Media and Event Management in a much broader sense. I’m very thankful to the staff and everyone who helped me get where I am.

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