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Our Programmes

We are in the midst of a revolution in our media training industry. ISM is an ensemble of a multi-layered education system that covers all aspects of the Media and Events industry.


The PGDEM is an expertly curated hands-on course that draws from the breadth of knowledge and insights gleaned from esteemed professionals and fuses it with solid practical exposure and on-ground training sessions in various sub-sets to prepare students for the Media and Entertainment space. 

Eligibility : Applicants should possess a Bachelor's degree in any stream.


(Those awaiting results can also apply)


The DEM is woven together by distinguished professionals using expertise and insights of various industry veterans spanning all sectors of the Media and Event management industry.The course includes training sessions at classroom coupled with on-field practicals that are aimed at grooming students for the industry.

Eligibility : Applicants must have passed the Higher Secondary Examination ( 10+2 )

(Those awaiting results can also apply)

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Our certified courses are focused on training students in all subjects of the Media & Entertainment field. All our students can choose from any
one or two of these verticals/subjects to specialize in.


Event Management is a multi-billion dollar industry and is still growing rapidly. Taking into account the tens of millions of events such as corporate events, social events, entertainment events, live events and weddings etc, event management is one of the most demanded skills today. Designed by experts of the industry, our hands-on comprehensive module focuses on producing event professionals & entrepreneurs with an integrated knowledge of Brands & Communication to cater to the evolving Events, Media, and Entertainment Industry. Our students work on some of the biggest events in the country and abroad. The likes of which include Sunburn, IIFA Awards, IIJS (India International Jewellery Show), Miss India Pageant, Tomorrowland, FIFA World Cup,
The World Purpose Tour, Big Boss, MTV Roadies and more. Stalwarts of the Global Event Industry
train our students to become successful Event Managers.


Public Relations and Reputation Management plays an important role in the Brand Building process which also supports the development of Integrated Marketing Communication strategies. Our extensive curriculum covers all aspects of communication. Our lectures are conducted by top PR professionals and communication specialists. Our training spans all the fundamental elements of the PR sector including crisis management, corporate communications and image management. Political PR, Celebrity PR, Lifestyle PR, Sports PR etc, we have it all covered in our syllabus. Our students get to work on live PR campaigns and field projects and are hired by top PR companies in the country. Students wanting to pursue a career in the field of PR and Reputation Management may specialize in this subject.


Being the fourth pillar of democracy, journalism comes with a long-standing history in India. Our faculty includes leading media veterans who use their illustrious journey and years of worthy experience and learnings to train students in this profession. Right from the inverted pyramids to facing the camera and helping you internalize the codes of engagement, we pack it all in the most interactive format that the present generation is wired to absorb. Our programs cater to the ever-changing landscape of media, across platforms- print, broadcast and digital. ISMites are employed at India's best publications, news channels, news portals, websites and news organisations.


Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication is one of the fastest growing verticals of Media. Our programs are designed to cater to the fast-paced, growing landscape of the advertising industry where we aim to develop skills as well as build perspectives in the domain. We seek to hone the skills for managing advertising businesses by combining theoretical learning in the field of communication with the right blend of management
education. Our students will learn the nuances of advanced mass communication techniques, along with
copywriting, brand management, media planning and buying, client servicing, marketing techniques
and account planning, among others which are at the very core of the advertising industry. Our students are trained by Media Experts and work at some of the most reputed advertising agencies and brands in the country and abroad. Students interested in entering the world Advertising and Brand Management may choose to
specialize in this subject.


The Digital landscape has overtumed the traditional way of doing business in the present age. Our programs are designed to train our students in the most sought-after profession of the modem age by compiling the fundamental elements ranging from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to SMM (Social Media Marketing) to analytics to social, conversion to mobile & email marketing and content marketing to current trends to traction-building, target audience and more in the most interactive and immersive way. Our students learn from expert instructors, Industry leaders and award winning Digital Media gurus and get exposure to real-time client projects and relavant case studies. Our students work with the biggest brands and Digital Media agencies in the country. Students who have a cult for marketing and strategy should specialize in this subject.


Worldwide, the demand for talented wedding planners is growing at record-pace. Our programs offer a dedicated module specially designed to not only train our students in the coveted craft of planning and executing dream weddings but also cover a range of crucial skills right from best practices, communicating with vendors to onground last minute arrangements, thematic understanding, diverse traditions, sussing out budgets, calibrating back-ups plans, contingency planning, licencing & permissions, vendor procurement & management, decor, set designing, finalizing destinations and venue management etc. Our students have had the privilege to work on the biggest weddings in the country including both the Ambani Weddings, the Nick Jonas-Priyanka Chopra Wedding, Sonam Kapoor's Wedding etc and various destination weddings at breathtaking locations like Paris, Dubai, Malaysia, Thailand and Bali etc. Our students are employed by the biggest Wedding Planning agencies and companies. Students interested in getting into the multi-billion dollar Wedding Industry may specialize in this subject.


Radio is increasingly presenting itself as an emergent field as many storytellers take to podcasts and radio shows to enlarge portfolios. With radio undergoing a digital revolution, it’s an exciting time for those wishing to pursue a career behind the mic or the control panel. Experienced radio professionals conduct lectures to guide our students through from the technical and practical skills to mentoring and guidance of a career path to creative support to come up with ideas for radio shows or podcasts. Our program includes both lecture-based and hands-on classes where students are trained in all aspects and verticals of radio. ISMites work at some of the most well-known radio stations like Radio Mirchi, Red FM, BIG FM, ISHQ FM etc. Students who wish to hold creative, technical and management positions in Radio may choose to specialize in this subject.


Producing is about creating great consumable content while deciding budgets and ensuring that the production takes place within that budget. In the whole Television Production process, there are mainly three important stages; pre-production, production & post production. Our pedagogy focuses on familiarising students with the dynamics of Television Production and training them in every crucial department of this craft. Industry stalwarts conduct interactive lectures to polish the hidden gems with an aim to recruit them through our campus placement drives. Our strong alumni circle and faculty are spread across the television industry which helps us with networking and placement opportunities. Our students get opportunities to work on the biggest fiction and non-fiction television shows/formats across the globe. As per data, there are 1.67 billion TV households in the word and the number is growing rapidly. Students who wish to enter the magical world of Television may specialize in this subject.


Photography is one of the most creative and sought-after professions in the Media & Entertainment space. With our unique and definitive pedagogy, we aim to furnish a solid base in the practical elements of photography, so students not just learn the theory through our elaborate well-structured curriculum, but also get a firm grasp over the technical and business practices that will help them realize  their professional goals. We provide core technical knowledge on digital photography with a provision for great exposure where our students are offered exclusive opportunities to learn photography onthe-job under professional photographers who remain active in many genres of photography, from fine art to fashion, commercial work to photojournalism. Our students have worked as photographers on gigantic events like IIFA Awards, Sunburn, IWM Digital Awards, Mirchi Neon Run and Content Hub Asia etc. Students interested in becoming professional photographers may specialize in this subject.


The world of athletics is exhilarating, to say the least. The Indian Sports Industry has taken a quantum leap ever since the inception of Sports Leagues. The Indian Sports sector has seen a significant socio-economic impact contributing to 1-5 per cent of the nations GDP. Today, it is one of the most globally profitable sectors that come with multiple career opportunities. Over the past decade, Sports Management has been rapidly emerging as a viable career option for students who have the zest for sports and the zeal for management. Pioneers and stalwarts in the business train and teach our students the basics and advance theories and techniques in the discipline of management, marketing, merchandising, tourism and licensing etc in the field of sports. Our students have worked on some of the most prestigious sports events like FIFA U-17 World Cup, T-20 World Cup, Pro Kabbadi League, IPL, Mumbai Marathon, Pinkathon and ISL etc. Students wanting to enter the booming field of Sports Management may choose to specialize in this subject.


With the advent of the digital age, corporate organisations as well as small businesses have taken to the internet to establish their presence. Content Writing has become a hot cake in demand for the industries who wish to expand their portfolio. From the nuances of grammar to sentence formations to the strategic ways in which writers can capture imaginations and keep the readers gripped, Content Writing as a subject is aimed at honing the writing skills of students who are keen to pursue a career in content writing, copywriting, digital marketing, social media marketing and blogging. Our students are trained by leading industry experts and are placed at top agencies and brands’ in the world. Students who are keen to strengthen their creative muscle and use content to drive business goals may choose to specialize in this subject.


There are multiple core business functions that stem from a good marketing plan. Not only does marketing build brand awareness but it can also increase sales, grow businesses and engage customers. Our comprehensive curriculum covers both marketing fundamentals and advanced knowledge of the most up-to-date field developments. We equip our students with the necessary knowledge and techniques that enable them to successfully solve a broad set of marketing problems. We prepare our students to master the components of marketing management by training them in all aspects of marketing like marketing principles, personal selling and sales management, consumer behavior, advertising, marketing strategy, and international marketing. Our students get to work on live Marketing Campaigns and learn from the best professionals in the Marketing business. Students who want to stand out from the pack in themarketing
industry must specialize in this subject.


Behind the scenes of any great artist, there is a great manager working to create a great brand. We aim to equip students with a thorough understanding of the role and significance of an artist manager, what they do, and how they impact the career of the artist/celebrity. Students begin with the basics as to why an artist needs a manager, the keys to finding the right partner, and a typical management contract. In this vertical, students are familiarised with the details of planning an artist's career, money management, the keys to finding the fright brands for endorsements and associations, running successful PR campaigns and various case studies of typical management contracts. Our students are trained by the best Celebrity Managers in the business and Managers of some of the biggest artists in the word. We also conduct lectures by celebrities in order to help students understand the client perspective. Students may choose to specialize in Celebrity Management/Artist Management if they are keen to enter this rapidly growing field.


Movies are a massive value creator. Global box office revenues totalled $42 billion in the year 2019 - an all-time high - contributing almost one-third of the estimated $136 billion in the value of worldwide movie production and distribution. The Indian Film Industry is the biggest in the word and supports more than 2 million jobs and 4,00,000 businesses. Also, In the age of the OTT and differentiated content, filmmaking has emerged as a lucrative field for students with ripe imagination and passion for content creation. In this subject, we aim to develop a foundational base: combining theoretical knowledge about the history and art of cinema, with ‘hands-on’ technical training using film, sound, and lighting equipment. While classes broaden their knowledge and appreciation of filmmaking - as an art, a process and an industry, students also participate in-group projects and write, direct and shoot their own short films and web-series and get them reviewed by renowned film makers. Students are trained and mentored by the best in the industry and also get opportunities to work with the biggest brands and names in the business. Students who are keen to enter the magical world of Film-Making may choose to specialize in this subject.
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